April 23, 2021

One Last Year in my General Surgery Residency Training – #Year2020Ready

How time flies so fast…

I could still remember my first year in training, not sure of how the future works out, stressed, tired… feels like it was all yesterday.

Now it is my turn as senior resident to teach the young ones how to survive residency and be a safe surgeon in providing holistic surgical care to the ones in need.

I take it as a challenge, not just a resident in surgery but also as a teacher, a mentor, and a friend to mold also someone become successful in the field of surgery as well… although the path to finishing residency is just a phase but I hope that I could make a good impact to someones’ road to this career path.

I hope the year 2020 will be good, if not better.

What do I expect?

Scrub in to the most interesting cases, finish my last research as a requirement in my department, publish research! (even just one, Lord), do good or best in the in-service exams, read more and more.

I pray that the Lord will continue to shower his blessings and good health upon me, my family, and my colleagues.

I thank all the patients whom I have rendered my care with my consultants. Without them, I would not learn general surgery at all.

Year 2020, I am ready!


*but first coffee… (West 35, Balamban, Cebu)

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