Less than a week ago, a Facebook user posted a picture from SM Cinema stating “NO OUTSIDE FOOD & DRINKS BEYOND THIS POINT.” His post garnered 118k likes, 38k comments, and 66k shares. They find this policy stupid and greedy. Like what’s the point? They were a lot of paying customers stopped from entering the cinema and were asked to surrender the food they bought “in” the mall or eat it outside quickly according to the user. Only food or drinks bought from SNACK TIME SM cinema will be allowed.


Personally, I can’t even remember the last time I bought something from them. 1.) Sometimes, their waiting line is too long. 2.) Their food is limited. 3.) Really, who likes their food? Popcorn tastes blunt with only little flavoring. 4.) It’s costly. I would instead buy from the supermarket. Same food, lower price. Same taste.

If you have read the comments on his posts, a lot of people were dismayed and dissatisfied about this new policy. Although the first inciting event here is that they never announced it ahead, not even in their social media page. Hello? Who doesn’t like it, someone being stopped by the entrance while your milk tea is still 90% full? With your potato corner fries still intact.

**Sorry these are my combo-go-to-food.

Would you leave it behind or stay outside for a while for a quickie sip or eat catching up to the movie’s showing time? Hell NO.

But I think the SM Cinema management was immediately aware of the netizens’ reactions. So they posted another announcement just a day after. They specified the policy as to refraining from bringing Rice and Pasta meals, Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages in glass, bottles, and can. Food items with sauces (such as vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce). Food on a stick. They encourage moviegoers to bring Snack Time food inside.

Rice and Pasta Meals

Personally, I have never bought these kinds of food inside. Maybe these cases are isolated. I can understand that some meals do have a strong smell. Not really as something but something not in harmony with the movie house’s ambiance. I mean, if your enjoying the movie then suddenly you smell something fishy-kind of food, which I guess can be distracting.

Beverages in Glass, Bottle, and Can

So where do we put our drinks now? Small plastic bags? Reminds me of buying ICE water during high school days after playing basketball. That will really look so weird inside, but I might try it and see if it will be allowed.

I get it. Maybe this policy was made because other moviegoers had a lot of complaints? Or they are just monopolizing the income from their SNACK TIME corner. But the taste is very subjective. You can’t please everyone with what’s available in SNACK TIME. 90% of their food sucks and expensive. Some enjoy watching movie buy, also bringing their favorite comfort food.

If you’re in big cities, their movie tickets are even more expensive. We pay for these and expect to enjoy it. It’s just too strict about implementing this policy. Although they can always catch the attention of someone bringing in food with a distracting smell. But telling is to buy only from SNACK TIME is too lame.

It’s funny after they have posted/ advertised X-MEN Dark Phoenix, netizen showed their protest to boycott SM by watching the movie in other cinemas. I guess, the point here is they really don’t have to post that policy. If they do have good food and drink selection at SNACK TIME, why not? But forcing us to buy exclusively from them is a big NO NO.

SM Cinema promotes X-MEN Dark Phoenix but you have to read the comments!

We don’t like being put into a rigorous, kill-joy environment when we’re actually paying for it with the hopes of relaxing and chilling while watching the movie. But if that’s final, they’ll lose a significant portion of the sales.

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So freaking hilarious…